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Sports Illustrated article on Perry Reese Jr. to be a movie


The legend lives on.

And it is growing at an incredible rate.

First, it was a feature on Sportcenter, a nice lengthy segment on the recently departed teacher and coach Perry Reese Jr.

Then came the ultimate compliment — a 12-page feature in the March 3 Sports Illustrated.

Now, the story about Reese and his extraordinary life as a teacher and basketball coach in the East Holmes District are headed to the silver screen.

Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of the hit movie "Remember the Titans" has purchased the rights to the Sports Illustrated article and plans to make a movie, according to Wes Yoder, the agent representing the Perry Reese Jr. estate.

Yoder works for the Ambassador Agency, a 28-year-old talent agency located in Nashville, TN.

"This is the first step in a fairly lengthy process," Yoder explained. "The film company purchases the rights, then they decide who will handle the screenwriting. Then they decide who will play the roles. It can take anywhere from 18 months to five years before it actually becomes a movie.

"I expect something will happen sooner than that, maybe within a two- to three-year window," Yoder continued.

He said there are several factors that go into making the transition from print to film and it is the responsibility of the Ambassador Agency to secure what is in the best interest of the Perry Reese Jr., estate.

"State laws differ on who has what rights and there is no consistent Federal law," Yoder said. "We combined the estate rights with the purchased rights of the Sports Illustrated article to make it easier once production of the movie begins."

Yoder said he will provide information, such as what actors will portray the roles, production dates and other related information as it becomes available.