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Coach Reese still making an impact on community; Boosters raise funds for scholarship program


For the second year in a row, the Perry Reese Memorial Scholarship Fund received a boost thanks to the hard work of the Hiland Booster Club and a number of golfers, including the ones who are quite talented as well as those who are out looking for a fun time while donating to a worthy cause.

"Yeah, not everyone here is a great golfer, but that's not necessarily what it's all about," said Fire Ridge professional and manager Jason Humel.

The turnout wasn't quite as healthy as last years, having moved to Sunday and falling on Father's Day, but that didn't stop those in attendance from an enjoyable experience. And when all was said and done, the booster club had raised approximately $4,600 for the scholarship — more than last year's total.

"I'd say overall it was a very good day," said Tom Mullet, one of the tournament organizers. "Things went smoothly, and all the proceeds went to a very good cause.

"Perry was a great presence in the community, and he would appreciate how well his scholarshp has done so far. A lot of these players don't come out here to win, they're here to be supportive of what Perry wanted to accomplish as a caring coach and a person. The scholarship was really about the only thing that he every really asked for, and it's nice that people take the opportunity to help any way they can."

With the $4,600, the Perry Reese Memorial Scholarship now stands at nearly $135,000, a figure that Hiland booster club members would love to see continue to grow until the money being awarded is covered by the interest being made. Currently there is a CD worth $125,000, plus other funds in the bank, that the school is drawing on to create two annual scholarships that will last throughout the duration of the winner's four year's of school.

"Eventually we 'll be paying out $8,000 per year," said Academic Booster Club treasurer Nancy Boyd. "We're still looking to get to the point where we can use the interest to pay out the annual scholarships.

We're not there, but we're working hard toward that goal."

One of Perry's projects helped propel the winning team in the tournament to a victorious score of 59, as senior Brock Hostetler combined with his dad, Dave, Bob Troyer, and Darryl Troyer.

Last year marked the first year the Perry Reese Memorial Scholarships were given, and the two were awarded to Cliff Sprang and Korinne Miller. This year's recipients were Christina Snyder and Brett McKey.

"We're really pleased with the community support and the turnout to help out in fundraisers like the tournament," said Mullet. "On behalf of the boosters, thanks so much to everyone who helped this year and to all of the sponsors. We're very grateful."

The next fundraiser for the Perry Reese Memorial Scholarship will be the Hiland volleyball invitational held at the end of July.